About Us

On behalf of the Staff and Roster of the Kingston FIR, we sincerely welcome you to our virtual home. Our jurisdiction is the controlled airspace over Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Many things make the Kingston FIR a special one. Unlike many Caribbean areas, the terrain over which we control varies spectacularly. From vast alpine mountain ranges to the world's most luxurious beaches, the earth over which you'll fly is enough to thrill.

Accompanying the Kingston FIR's variety in terrain is a range of procedures and maneuvers that will keep pilots of all experience levels busy. Only in Kingston can you start your flight under radar control and end your flight shooting a non-precision approach into a totally non-radar airport.

Our aerodromes employ special visual approaches, off-centered precision approaches, NDB approaches, and everything in-between.

What truly sets us apart, however, is our dedicated Staff and ATC roster. Our senior staff packs a powerful punch of real-world aviation and ATC experience, along with thousands of hours of VATSIM seasoning. With these extraordinary human resources, we constantly strive to build the most professional ATC roster in the Caribbean. This is simply part of our mission to provide the absolute best service to our pilots.

I invite you to peruse the rest of our website to find out more about what makes the Kingston FIR special. Immerse yourself in our procedures and prepare yourself for the ultimate VATSIM adventure to one of our aerodromes.  


Your humble servant,
Njeri Carroo
Air Traffic Manager 

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    Njeri Carroo

    Air Traffic Manager

    Njeri joined Kingston in 2015 and amassed 4000+ hours on the network. While not controlling, he enjoys reading, training, listening to music and driving aimlessly around Minnesota.

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    Olante Douglas

    Deputy Air Traffic Manager

    Olante came onboard in 2016 and progressed through the ranks quickly. While not working, he enjoys flying on the network. If you see him online, feel free to send a shout-out with #FlyDeltaJets

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    Jaron McIntosh

    Training Administrator

    Jaron has more than a decade of experience on the network. He is a licensed pilot; needless to say, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and has a Senior Instructor rating (I3) to show for it.

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    Events  Coordinator