Njeri "Chad" Carroo 1335345
Air Traffic Manager (Instructor)

Beginning his ATC career in March of 2016, Chad's progression has been limited only by the Training Department's capacity and the time restrictions imposed by VATCAR. With natural leadership skills and a fresh perspective, Chad looks to lead the Kingston FIR into 2019.

RW: Chad is a college student in New York, New York. 


Maleik Bennett 1349202
Staff Mentor (Controller)

Another fresh recruit, Maleik has just the right combination of skills to bring the big VAs back to Kingston. 

RW: Maleik is a college freshman in the United States. 

Jaron McIntosh 1041211
Training Director (Instructor)

Jaron started his Kingston virtual ATC career in 2008, and has previously served as Training Director. In 2017 he returned to his old heights as an Instructor. The FIR looks forward to learning from this veteran again!

RW: Jaron resides in Canada and is a licensed Private Pilot. 

Benson Wong 1238741
Head of IT (Student 3)

Wong cheuk pan (Benson) started his VATSIM virtual ATC career in 2017. Since then, he has served in various staff positions in VATASIA, including Thailand, PRC and Vietnam. We stand as excellent beneficaries of Benson's wealth of knowledge in 2019.

RW: Benson is an IT Engineer in Hong Kong


Diarra Hoyte 1187518
Director of Events and Marketing (Controller)

Diarra joined the FIR in 2011. Since joining, Diarra has steadily progressed through the ranks as an Air Traffic Controller, and now makes an attempt to bring back the vibrant atmosphere here at Kingston that we yearn for.

RW: Diarra is a student at a local college in the Cayman Islands majoring in Engineering Technology, with the intention of entering the aviation industry upon completion of his course.

Olante "Delta" Douglas 1363093
Staff Instructor (Instructor)

Olante joined Kingston in 2016 as a very hushed recruit. He has acclimated well to our casual & unreserved nature to become one of our best controllers. In his steady progression, Olante displayed the paragon of an Instructor and has been duly rewarded. 

RW: Olante is a 5th form student in Jamaica. 

Gray Taylor 1041931
Staff Mentor and SOP Curator (Controller)

Gray started his Kingston virtual ATC career in 2008 and since then has served at length as the Training Director and Webmaster. His specialties include Standard Operating Procedures and the Thales TopSky EuroScope simulation. 

RW: Gray lives in Connecticut (USA) and is a licensed private pilot. 

Matthew Palma 1274955
Staff Mentor - Local, Procedural & Radar Approach Control (Controller)

A relatively new recruit, Matthew began his Kingston career in the Summer of 2015. After rocketing through the local and enroute control phases, he displayed an uncanny sense of maturity and the natural instincts of a teacher. This resulted in his fresh appointment as Staff Mentor for local and terminal control.

RW: Matthew is a university student in Kingston, Jamaica.

Lifetime Honorees

Maurice Johnson 1058387
Former Air Traffic Manager - Lifetime Member (Enroute Controller)

Maurice first joined the Kingston FIR in the latter part of 2009, when he made the long jump from Student 1 to Controller 1 by virtue of his being a licensed Air Traffic Controller. He returned to active status in the Autumn of 2015 to take the reins in the absence of an Air Traffic Manager.

RW: Maurice is a real-world Commercial Pilot and Air Traffic Controller in Jamaica, having worked in both the local and terminal environments.


Nigel Cummins 814420
Former Air Traffic Manager - Lifetime Member (Senior Controller)

Magic Bruzdowicz 845677
Former Air Traffic Manager - Lifetime Member (Senior Controller)

Andrew McBean 1134007
Former Air Traffic Manager - Lifetime Member (Enroute Controller)