MWCR Charts & Information


Owen Roberts International Airport (IATA: GCM, ICAO: MWCR) is located one mile outside George Town on the island of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, British West Indies. One of the largest airports in the Western Caribbean, MWCR is the main international airport for the Cayman Islands, and the main base for Cayman Airways.

ATC Information 

Callsign Frequency Identifier
Owen Roberts Information 132.250 MWCR_ATIS
Owen Roberts Tower 118.000 MWCR_TWR
Cayman Approach 120.200 MWCR_APP
Kingston Radar (W)
128.350 MKJK_W_CTR
Kingston Radar 125.400 MKJK_CTR

Airport Diagrams 

Instrument Arrival Procedures

Instrument Approach Procedures

Standard Instrument Departures