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Sangster International Airport (IATA: MBJ, ICAO: MKJS) is an international airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It is one of the largest, busiest and most ultra-modern airports in the Caribbean capable of handling 9 million passengers yearly. Sangster is often referred to as the gateway to the Caribbean, and is the Caribbean hub for many airlines. It serves as the most popular airport for tourists visiting the north coast of Jamaica. The airport is named after Jamaican Prime Minister Sir Donald Sangster.

ATC Information 

Callsign Frequency Identifier
Sangster Information 127.900 MKJS_ATIS
Sangster Ground 121.700 MKJS_GND
Sangster Tower 118.750 MKJS_TWR
Sangster Radar 120.800 MKJS_APP
Kingston Radar 125.400 MKJK_CTR

Airport Diagrams 

Instrument Arrival Procedures


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Used with ILS/DME RWY 07

Instrument Approach Procedures

Standard Instrument Departures