MKJP Charts & Information

Norman Manley International Airport (IATA: KIN, ICAO: MKJP), formerly Palisadoes Airport, is an airport serving Kingston in Jamaica. As well as Sangster International Airport, it was a hub for Air Jamaica and is now a hub for Caribbean Airlines. It is also now a hub for Fly Jamaica Airways. It was named in honour of Norman Washington Manley. There are over 130 international flights a week that depart from Norman Manley International Airport. The airport is located on the Palisadoes tombolo in outer Kingston Harbour; it fronts the city on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the 

ATC Information

Callsign Frequency VATSIM
Manley Information 127.700 MKJP_ATIS
Manley Ground 121.700 MKJP_GND
Manley Tower 118.650 MKJP_TWR
Manley Radar
120.600 MKJP_APP
Kingston Radar 125.400 MKJK_CTR

Airport Diagrams 

Instrument Arrival Procedures

Instrument Approach Procedures

Standard Instrument Departures

If MKJP_APP or MKJK_CTR is Online:
Radar SIDs:
RWY 12
RWY 30




If MKJP_APP and MKJK_CTR are Offline:
Non-Radar SIDs:


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