Welcome to Kingston

Welcome to VATSIM's Kingston FIR/ACC. Our controllers command some of the most exhilarating and diverse airspace in VATSIM's Caribbean Division (VATCAR). We are responsible for Radar Separation Services in Jamaica (MKJS & MKJP) and Non-Radar Separation Services in the Cayman Islands (MWCR & MWCB). In addition, we are responsible for the large chunk of Enroute airspace that overlays Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and much of the Caribbean Sea. Exciting uncontrolled destinations lurking beneath our airspace include Ian Fleming, Ken Jones, Negril, Tinson Pen, and Edward Bodden.

Inform yourself of our procedures, download our charts and documents, and blast off to one of our four incredible destinations! Once you've experienced Kingston's ATC excellence, leave feedback so we can further serve you!

The Staff of the Kingston FIR